Communities across the US and throughout the world are finding ways to creatively respond to the specific challenges oil and gas development pose to their region.

Santa Fe vs. Tecton: A Community Stands Together. Made in collaboration with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, this piece tells the story of how one community pulled together and took action to create one of the strongest ordinances in the country.

Santa Fe's Oil and Gas Ordinance


Tell your Representatives to put our public health before oil and gas industry interests. It's time for oil and gas to play by the same rules as other industries. Urge Congress to Support the Frack Pack, five bills recently introduced to close loopholes for polluters.

Send a Message to your Representative to Support the FRACK PACK now! 

Despite early results of investigations showing clear evidence of groundwater pollution from fracking activities, over the past year, the Obama Administration has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to shut down one fracking-realted contamination investigation after another. Remind President Obama that he represents the American people, not the oil and gas industry.

Urge President Obama and the EPA to re-open Fracking Investigations. 

To slow climate change, we must stop methane leaks. It's time to directly regulate methane! Tell the Obama Administration, The Environemtal Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior to prevent wasteful methane leaks, and to protect clean air.

Keep Methane from Oil and Gas Emissions Out of Our Air.


Exporting LNG has had devestating impacts on our communities, and the profits often go only to a small group of investors. Urge President Obama to take a real look at the impact on our commnities put the brakes on LNG exports until the DOE includes the health, environmental, and human costs in it's reporting.

Send a message to the White House to put the brakes on LNG exports.


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Local and Regional Action

Join forces with a national organization or a local group in your area. Local groups will have Action Alerts for your area. If you don't have time, make a donation. They are working hard and are getting results. For a list of organizations that work on gas and oil issues, go to our Resources page.


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Featured Successes in the news:

New York Governor David Paterson issued an executive order that institutes a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing until July 1, 2011

Pittsburgh passed an ordinance that imposes a ban on gas drilling within city limits and privileges community decision making over the rights of corporations.