The Filmmakers


Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson has worked in the film and television industry for twenty five years as an editor and a producer. Her work has appeared on PBS, National Geographic, Discovery and A&E.

Anderson began to shoot Split Estate in 2006 after reading a story in On Earth Magazine about a woman named Laura Amos from Garfield County, Colorado, who developed a rare adrenal tumor after drilling commenced in her neighborhood. Anderson was moved to tell the story of a growing number of people, like Laura, who are experiencing serious health effects associated with drilling practices.

Much to her surprise, the story landed in Anderson’s own backyard when Tecton Energy started drilling in the Galisteo Basin in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This time, there was a happier ending: a grassroots coalition, which used a rough cut of the film as a educational tool, helped to establish one of the strongest ordinances in the country and the industry backed off…for now.

During the production of Split Estate, Debra established Red Rock Pictures, a production company dedicated to the creation of documentaries that explore deeply felt human stories about the environment, energy and human rights.


Ali MacGraw

Narrator Ali MacGraw is an Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress. She has a long film, theater and television filmography, but is best known for her performances in Love Story and The Getaway. Today, Ms. MacGraw is widely known for her philanthropy and activist work. Currently living in the Rocky Mountain Southwest she has a particular interest in the issues portrayed in Split Estate and generously supported the project.


Michael Mierendorf

Three-time Emmy award-winning Advising Producer Michael Mierendorf is a highly respected documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist who has produced, written, and directed numerous award-winning documentaries for Frontline, HBO, ABC and others.


Joe Day

Writer Joe Day has been a journalist for more than 45 years working as an on-air reporter and producer in Boston for 22 years at WGBH; WCVB, the ABC affiliate; and WNEV, the CBS affiliate.


Douglas Crawford

Emmy and Peabody award-winning Director of Photography Douglas Crawford is best known for his direction and filming of the award-winning Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo People (PBS, 120 mins, 1992) and as Director of Photography for The Native Americans (TBS, six hours, 1994).


Dave Bowden

Director of Photography Dave Bowden has been a producer, writer, cameraman, and editor since 1980 for shows such as PBS' MacNeil / Lehrer News Hour, PBS’ Frontline, and HBO's America Undercover.




Film Credits


Narrated by   Ali MacGraw


Directed and Produced by   Debra Anderson


Writers   Joe Day
    Avery Garrett
    Jean Wendt


Cinematography   Debra Anderson
    David Bowden
    Doug Crawford


Advising Producer   Michael Mierendorf


Consultants   Mitchell Marti
    Tara Meixsell


Editor   Debra Anderson


Titles and Animation   Craig Lowy Design


Music   Tim Anderson
    Chris Jonas
    Music Box, LLC
    Michael Stearns
    Molly Sturges
    Ron Sunsinger
    Joe West


On line Editor and Colorist   Bjorn Bellenbaum


On-Line Facility   Hybrid Films


Sound Design and Mix   Ron Sunsinger


Researchers   Mitchell Marti  
    Matt Vest


Outreach Coordinator   Christian Leahy


Marketing   Dianne Elise Strauss


Aerial Photography   Doug Crawford, DP
    Doug Sheffer, Pilot
    DBS Helicopters


Associate Producer for Garfield County   Tara Meixsell


Internet Marketing   Nathan Anderson


Development   Angela Farone
    Christian Leahy
    Nancy Holly Hughes
    Dianne Strauss
    Jan Brooks


Writers for Development   Christian Leahy
    Nancy Holly Hughes


Writers for Marketing   Christian Leahy


Assistant Editors   Matt Vest   
    John Coffman
    Corina Sugarman   
    Jacob Kedzierski


Research Assistants   Corina Sugarman   
    Rebecca Mayorga


Transcription   Ruth Frank


Legal Services   Robert L. Seigel
    Cameron Stracher


Technical Advisors   Keith Robinson
    Grant Taylor


Still Photographers   Wendy Bristol           
    Melanie West
    Debra Anderson


Additional Camera   Nick Isenberg


Still Photographer for the Laura Amos story   Lynn Johnson



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